Stand Strong in Life

If we want a better world, we need to be bullyproof in all areas of our lives.

We need to develop the confidence to stand up for ourselves and when we do we will be more able to stand up for the world around us.

We need to become and raise powerful strong leaders, fearless against the abusive behaviors of others, capable of standing up for ourselves and others.

When we do this, it empowers us to move forward in our lives and support others to do the same, no matter what challenges we face.

The world is full of bullies, we all have to deal with this to some extent, online, at work, in school, in public and even with our family and friends.

It is how people have learned to leverage their power to take advantage of others that are disempowered. A lack of confidence and vulnerablilty makes for an easy target that attracts the attention of those who look to use it to their advantage. 

This is part of the root problem in this world, we are taught to compete for attention, respect and to get ahead. Bullying can be as basic as teasing or as brutal as a full on assault. It takes place whenever someone uses their strength of body, mind or knowledge to take advantage of another. Bullies tear people down in some way to feel special, rather than lift others up.

The bullies of the world challenges us to feel safe in expressing who we are and can diminish our drive to do what we love. It can prevent us from posting our opinions, going to work or school, enjoying family visits, going out in public or even feeling safe in our own home.

The school ground is the most commonly looked at area of this and is a huge problem.

More than 100k students miss school each day in fear of being bullied. 

Bullying leads to less participation and lower success in life.

We all want to feel empowered and worthy and we can only move forward with what we know and have experienced.

Not only do we need time in nature, healthy foods, and exercise, we need experience that empowers us to feel confident in this world.

Education and practices that make this part of our cultural lifestyle is the foundation upon which we must create change to grow and make the world a safer and more empowered place to live.

We need confidence with our words and our abilities.

We need to know what our personal boundaries are and how to claim them.

We must stand up for our rights and truth of what we desire.

This world is full of people that have a lack of respect for others and their personal space, energy and time. These are valuable assets that we need to use in our life, they are not up for grabs.

When we have clearly defined boundaries with the confidence and knowledge to honor them, we are far more likely to put ourselves out there in the world and face the challenges head on and take things to the next level. Standing in our power is a great deterrent to being attacked.

Many people have or will face having their personal space violated in some way.

For those that have experiences this, it is vital to address how this has disempowered us, made us feel unsafe and has closed us off to being as close as we would like to be with others.

For those who will be facing that, wouldn't you like to be able to stand strong with your words and even prevent an unwanted invasion?

The stronger we walk our path, the less likely we will be targeted.

Bullies look for people vulnerable to their attacks, whether verbal, emotional or physical.

I have found a practice that empowers all these areas of life and gives non violent solutions to aggressive behavior.

I have fully dove into the teachings of Rener Gracie and his brother Ryron. Their family created what is most commonly know today as Brazilian Ju Jitsu, but what there doing is unlike what you would find or expect at most martial arts training facilities.

You can learn a practice for bullyproofing, empowerment and transformation in a very focused, playful and inspiring way, and share it with your kids or family members. 

The Gracie Brothers have created an online platform with video instruction that not only teaches you how to defend your self, but also how to use your words, be aware of your environment, be comfortable in uncomfortable situations, be comfortable with being close to others, teach your children with positive transference education and so much more.

You can learn effective techniques for self-defense, women's empowerment and bullyproof training online, in the comfort of your home.

If you could adopt a practice that brings you closer to you children, spouse and friends, plus is fun, playful and gives you confidence in every area of you life, would you want to know about it and try it out? 

You can and it is free to try, go to and to find out more about Gracie Ju Jitsu to bullyproof your life and your kids. 

Stand strong, stand up for yourself and help the world to grow with confidence, knowledge and education. 

Thanks and Blessings! 

Jahsah Ananda

Jahsah Ananda

Jahsah Ananda is a transformational coach, healer, musician, artist and co-founder of the HeroHive. He has 15+ years experience sharing the healing arts, music, sacred art, bodywork, ceremony, and coaching in the US, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Jahsah specializes in supporting people through rites of passage, life transformations, conscious relationships and self empowerment. Jahsah is dedicated to sharing support and tools for the healing and transformation of life on Earth. He offers private sessions in Sedona, Arizona and coaching globally. Find out more at:

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