The Magic We Once Knew

The Magic We Once Knew by Jocelyn Mercado

It is said that long ago, human lives were full of magic. We could perceive it all around us. It was in everything we saw. It inspired our songs and our legends. The land around us was alive and every part of it contained the palpable legends and living history of that place. Magic sparkled forth from the people themselves: The rippling beauty of a baby's first laugh; the miracle of new life through birth; the otherworldly wisdom sought from revered elders. Almost like a drifting in and out of consciousness, humans were always only a blink away from the magic world, the dream world.

As time went on, people became focused on other things that were less real than the magic: money, power, ownership of things, dominance over other people and other forms of life, utilizing the Earth's resources to increase wealth. Our reality is our perception, and so these things became dominant in our lives and we slowly forgot about our magic.

We began to deny the existence of the fairies; we drowned out the voices of our ancestors; we stopped conversing with the swaying trees. We filled our lives with to-do lists and worries that there might not be enough to go around. Money came to dominate us. And ever so slowly, without anyone really noticing that it happened, the scarcity became our new reality. We lost our ability to perceive the magic that is inherent in all creation; we lost the boundless abundance of the magical Earth.

Now the only way that most people hear of magic is in old songs and stories, and we think these are just make-believe tales, fiction, nothing more. Now, we have forgotten how to pass the magic along to the new generations; the children grow up more indoors than out-of-doors; we no longer hear the voices of the stones and the trees; we barely remember how to use the magic in plants and herbs to heal ourselves.

But the magic is still all around us, even when we cannot perceive it, just as the stars are still burning brightly even when it is daytime. There are clues to the magic everywhere, if we would just look for them.

Rediscovering Our Magic

Rediscovering What We Knew Long Ago

Science seeks to explain the world in mechanical terms, based on the general assumption that we can take things apart (or view them at a smaller/closer level) to figure them out. When viewed through the lens of the scientific method, plants, animals, atoms, and gravity follow certain natural laws.

Over the centuries we have tended to embrace science over and above the innate knowledge that comes from deep within our hearts and bodies. In modern culture, our belief in the wisdom of intuition, dreams, intentions, and energy has diminished, replaced by mathematical proofs and research papers. Of course, great advances in science and technology have improved our lives in countless ways, but our over-reliance on quantitative ways of knowing has created imbalance.

But more recent discoveries in science reveal in breathtaking fashion that this mechanistic view of the world is becoming outdated. The new theories favor surprisingly holistic models based on unseen forces such as vibrations and energy, which ancient and indigenous wisdom have always held to be true.

1. We are surrounded by invisible magical forces.

Scientists are learning that something called dark matter is what holds the universe together. It is the scaffolding of the galaxies. It slows cosmic expansion, keeping us and everything from hurtling off into nothingness. It was first postulated in the 1930’s, and has since been confirmed as new studies indicate that galaxies would never have been able to form in the first place if dark matter hadn’t been there to hold them all together. But because dark matter interacts so weakly, or not at all, with other matter and even with light, we can’t see it or measure it. We don’t yet know what it’s made of or even where it’s located.

Dark energy, first named in 1998, is even more mysterious. It has been called “a general label for what we do not know about the large-scale properties of our universe.” It is believed to be the force that is accelerating the rate at which the cosmos expands. Dark energy is such a mystery that “explaining it may require something new: a quantum theory of space and gravitation.”

A recent National Geographic article states that “What we can see is only a tiny fraction of what exists.” Additionally, “Scientists are confronted by the embarrassing fact that they don’t know just how much energy, dark or otherwise, space contains.” This leads me to wonder … just how much is there that is missing from our science textbooks because it’s beyond what we as humans, in our limited physical bodies, can readily perceive? It’s beyond the perception of the instruments that we designed with our limited knowledge of the universe.

2. We are all one.

Every single living and non-living thing on the planet is made of stardust. The atoms in all of our bodies, as well as in the trees, rivers, rocks, animals, and the planet Earth, were created in previous generations of stars over 4.5 billion years ago. When those stars grew old and exploded, their material was expelled into space, and a portion of that spun into the Earth, creating the billions of living and non-living forms that are so familiar to us today.

The indigenous worldview is based in the belief that everything has a name and a spirit: Trees, rivers, the Earth, lightning, insects, rocks, animals, flowers … everything. Each living and non-living being has a personality and its own energy that it lends to the health and wholeness of the planet. When we harm one of these beings, we are all harmed, because we are all interconnected. When we as humans do the work to consciously cultivate a relationship with everything, reaching out with strong personal intention toward all aspects of life and nature, we transformationally enhance our ability to connect with the fullness of life, heal ourselves, and achieve our greatest potential.

We Are All One

3. Intuition and extrasensory perception are real, they are available to all of us, and they can reveal a deeper, more meaningful life.

The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) was founded in 1973 by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell. It is dedicated to exploring the idea that “reality is more complex, subtle, and mysterious than conventional science leads us to believe.” IONS studies apply scientific rigor to phenomena that do not fit conventional scientific models, including the “potentials and power of consciousness” and the “realization of our human potential.” They are on the leading edge in providing science-based training programs and tools to assist people in shifting consciousness and awareness toward a new vision of reality.

In the book First Intelligence, Simone Wright recounts her experiences as an intuitive who assists the police and aids in criminal investigations by connecting with the unseen world. She has had immense success in finding missing children, locating criminals in hiding, and providing precisely accurate physical descriptions of crimes including the sequence of events, the weapons used, the appearance of victims and shooters, getaway vehicles involved, and so on. She now trains others on how to access their intuition, and she asserts that “Anyone can do it. We are born to do it. Everyone can develop their natural skills to use in life.”

Furthermore, we use this ability every day without knowing it. We have déjà vu. We experience synchronicity. We think of a person and then they call. Our dreams give us access to an alternate reality. We see a beautiful sunset or hike to the top of a mountain and feel a deep peace within. When we come up with a new solution to a difficult problem, or come up with a new invention, or create a work of art, where does the idea come from? It comes from nowhere. It comes from another place, a place of flow and interconnection, that we are only beginning to understand.

Indigenous cultures are actively engaged with the unseen world through shamanic journeying, connecting with spirit animals, dreaming, and opening up to communicate with nature including trees, rocks, animals, plants, the moon, sun, and stars. Some cultures, such as the Sng’oi people of Malaysia, believe that the unseen or dream world is reality and the waking world is an illusion. Who is to say for sure that they are wrong? Perception is reality. When we open our lives up to perceiving more than meets the eye, we make a connection with a richer, more incredible world than we ever knew possible.

4. People and all creation are composed of energy and vibration.

Superstring theory states that, as we go to smaller and smaller levels of matter, the smallest elements are not particles of matter, but instead they are vibrations of extremely small strings of energy.

The vibrations that make up our universe range from the microscopic to the infinitely huge. Electrons and protons, we now know, are not fixed objects in space but rather vibrating energy. The wavelengths of the colors we see are vibrations. Our heartbeat, the annual migration of birds, the tides, the orbits of planets around their stars, and even the expansion and contraction of the universe … all are vibrations on an increasingly larger scale.

Indigenous wisdom has held since the beginning of time that we are all made of vibrational energy, and that the strength and quality of our energy determines our health, success, and power in the world. When someone becomes ill in an indigenous community, the shaman first seeks to cure them by healing the mind of the person. When a person’s perceptions or thoughts have negative energy, it will affect their entire body. We need to pay closer attention to our vibrational energy every day, cultivating positive thoughts and positive actions, and over the long term this will help us to increase our health and feeling of well-being far more than any medication.

Find Your Magic

How Can We Find the Magic Again?

Charles Eisenstein said: “A miracle is something that is not possible from the old story, but is possible from the new story.” New scientific discoveries are giving us a point of entry to a new reality, a new way of perceiving the universe, that may be more incredible than we can possibly imagine, given our species’ current world concept.

Let us open our minds to new possibilities, new perspectives that might seem far-fetched. Everything was impossible before it was done for the first time. So we should try to see life in a new way, and expect greatness. Expect miracles. Expect for the known to be unknown, and for the unknown to lead us to a new and brighter existence.

Jocelyn Mercado

Jocelyn Mercado has a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish Languages and Literature, and a Master's in Business Administration. She has worked in Finance and Project Management for over 15 years and is excited to be embarking on a new career in writing and life coaching. She is a blogger for the Pachamama Alliance. Jocelyn is passionate about sharing the message that right now, we are living at a time of unprecedented opportunity to transform our world. She offers the Discover Your Magic online course, a step-by-step guide to finding your true life's purpose so that you can co-create a brighter future for yourself and your world. Jocelyn enjoys hiking in the mountains (especially Lake Placid and Asheville), spending time with her husband and two young daughters, gardening, trying out new recipes, and traveling. Find out more at:

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Be the Hero of Your Own Life

Be the Hero of Your Own Life

You have within you abundant potential. 

The one you are waiting for to stand up and make a difference in the world is you. 

As you discover your passion, and follow that journey through to manifest your vision, you become a conscious creator both fulfilling your dreams and bringing inspiration and transformation to the world. 

You are complete the way you are, ready to embark upon your destiny. 

You don't need approval or permission from anyone or any institution. No certificates, licenses or expensive fees to go for your goals. You're the one to make the choice to do it. 

"Follow your bliss." - Joseph Campbell

When you discover the path that brings your heart joy and lights up your soul, then you're on the Hero's Journey, you're following your bliss. 

As you trust that deep impulse within you, the essence of the hero's journey reveals itself in the state of flow, serenity and integration that occurs when doing what you are destined to be doing. 

Chase your dreams. Seek out what makes you feel one with the world. 

You are the expert of you, the only one who can make the decisions about what's best for your life path. Luckily, you have a compass with you to help guide you on your journey every step of the way. It's within your very core, it's your heart, and it will lead you to the best adventures.

Just tune in to your heart any time you wonder which way to turn, or what road to take, and notice how you FEEL when you consider each option. 

When you feel a warmth, a fire, a pull, a flutter, a vibrant hum, a quickening, a lightness or a softening within your heart - than that is the path for you - regardless of what anyone else says. 

The Hero's Journey is learning the language of the heart and letting it guide you on an adventure to discover what is it that you love to do.

By finding your path of love and destiny, you inspire others to adventure forth and seek their own way to the fountains of the heart. 

On this journey, we learn to know the meanings of the many feelings we have in life, and to trust our primal heart wisdom.

The hero's heart is their compass. Trust in this incredible force is what keeps our aim upon our big vision, as we navigate our way through our lives, creating our own path about this Earth. 

Trust your heart and opportunities will open to you that you could never have imagined or expected yet are exactly what you most deeply desire and need. 

That is the magic of following your bliss. 

When we embark upon the hero's journey, we activate a deeper discovery of who we really are and what we are here to do. 

As we create a new path for ourselves, we reveal our gifts, find joy and challenge in pursuing our mission, and strengthen our confidence, trust and belief in our purpose and self. 

We also grow a greater connection to the world around us, and a deeper compassion for the universal human journey of dreams, obstacles, overcoming, persistence, love and life that we all experience. 

What is it that gets you excited? What is it that adds sparkles to your world? 

The universe always leaves clues, follow the breadcrumbs of synchronicity, the signs and messages within the world that will lead you to your destiny. 

You are the hero of your own life. 

Take hold of the pen, and write your own story. 

Go for your dreams! Whatever brings you joy, do that, and keep doing the next thing that lights you up until you find your way to that big something that you grab hold of and then see how far it can take you. 

Just don't give up, or chicken out, or postpone your grand life goals for next week, year or decade. Every morning wake up and decide to make THIS day and every day - an adventure. 

Believe in yourself, your heart, your limitless potential and boldly claim your bliss! 

Now is the time and the adventure of your lifetime awaits! Are you ready?

Many blessings, 

Kara Maria Ananda - HeroHive

Kara Maria Ananda is a Healing Arts Educator, Holistic Business Coach, Speaker and Writer and the co-founder of the HeroHive. She is the creator of global online educational programs including the Healing Arts Business Academy, the Women’s Healing Arts Teacher Training and the Awesome Birth Teacher Training. She also offers business coaching for conscious entrepreneurs online and live intensives in Sedona, Arizona. Get her FREE guide to manifestation "I Believe in You" at:

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7 Signs You're in an Empowered Relationship

7 Signs You're in an Empowered Relationship

After having my fair share of dramatic relationships and maturing into relationships that are something very different then the recklessness of young hearts abandoning themselves to love, I’ve discovered what it means to sit in an empowered, cooperative space with a partner. 

Whatever style of partnership you're in, an empowered relationship will always have these 7 elements.

You know you're in an empowered relationship when you experience: 

#1: Radical Honesty 

Radical honesty is about telling the truth no matter what we think it will cost us. The truth about ourselves, the truth about what trigger us, the truth about what we are experiencing and why. It also means hearing these truths from our partner knowing it may reveal a deep rooted layer within self, that may need to be peeled away. When we show up to ourselves with this maturity and commitment, knowing that there is nothing ugly about our imperfections, we have an incredible opportunity to transform; thus will our partner and the relationship itself. There must be a dedication to truth at the very core from both you and your partner.

#2: Commitment to Self 

This is very important. Like all the points in this article, you can't have one without the other. Well, you can, however it is the mix of them all within one container that makes for a magical elixir of empowered partnership. Self commitment means putting yourself first. Not in the egotistical, narcissistic, self absorbed kind of way, rather in the way where you are so committed to your own self worth, self care, and goals that you are deeply rooted in the center of your-self, liberated. This ties in with radical honesty because when we are honest with ourselves about where we need to take better care of ourselves, show up better to our commitments and goals, we know exactly where to bend, reach, and stretch to have a healthy sense of who we are. Our commitment to self, is our commitment to a better world in every way. 

7 Signs You're in an Empowered Relationship

#3: Complete Transparency 

When I speak about complete transparency, I am referring to emotional transparency directly associated with radical honesty.  This means being fully transparent about our emotional needs, sexual desires, healthy sense of boundaries, and anything else that is necessary to maintain an open line of communication with our partner that cultivates trust. When we experience a true sense of trust with the ability to be fully expressed in who we are, we bring that into our relationships. Honest, transparent communication, opens the door to expansion, a greater level of trust then one may have ever known, and deep vulnerability. 

#4: Deep Vulnerability 

This is one of my favorites and can be one of the most exhilarating and unnerving aspects of an empowered relationship. An empowered relationship will take you deeper and higher then you have ever gone. It will evoke the sweet nectar of vulnerability which is our greatest strength. Our vulnerability is our soft side. This other than means weakness… in fact quite the contrary. True vulnerability requires great strength and courage because is commands (co-mmands: together, mutually in common) us to open our hearts with full transparency. It is in the vulnerability that we orgasm into a new level of love, trust, and self expression. 

7 Signs You're in an Empowered Relationship

#5: Discomfort 

When I say discomfort I refer to the uncomfortable space that is always present within an empowered relationship. This uncomfortable space is the void within the unknown. Unlike our early years of reckless love where we map out our dreams, desperately clinging onto the future instead of rooted in the present, an empowered relationship is all about the present. It is about being right here, right now. It is the maturity in understanding that there is zero ownership in love. The only person we can control is ourself and the only dreams we can guarantee, is the dream to stay committed to truth, transparency, and vulnerability. And even then we may fall, but we keep getting back up, dusting ourselves off, wiping the tears away, pulling the armor off and continuing to do what makes us the most uncomfortable… being more honest, more transparent, and more vulnerable. 

#6: Mandatory Talk Sessions 

These can be really challenging. However, they are the glue (besides the sex) that holds it all together. Mandatory talk sessions means making sure, through verbal communication, that all agreements are in place, where any agreements may need to be renegotiated, where we may air out the dirty laundry, and where we get to put on the lenses of our partner and see what life looks like through their eyes.  Where we get to hold the mirror together and objectively peer into what the other sees. These sessions bring us closer together because it is where all the pieces come together. It is also where we must maintain emotional levelheadedness.

Now, as an Irish/Italian from NY, I can tell you that my normal speaking tone is a few decibels higher then most so when I become impassioned my tone goes even higher. However, I am not yelling although some may mistake it as yelling, I am simply expressing with passion. I bring this up because without editing who I am, I must also be cognizant of how my tone effects another and so this is true for any talk session. We must be cognizant of our emotional landscape and stay as calm, kind, compassionate and loving as possible. These sessions will require dedication and commitment to both the betterment of self and (very important) to the betterment of the relationship as a whole. It is where any and all resolutions will take place.

7 Signs You're in an Empowered Relationship

#7: Resolutions 

Last but certainly not least, an empowered relationship will always bring resolution. Resolution within self, for self, and for the container that is the relationship. Plain and simple there will other then ever be a time in an empowered relationship that we will walk away feeling un-resolved. And by walking away I mean many things… whether it is a completed conversation that we are finished with and walk away from as an individual, it does not always mean that we walk away from the relationship itself. When we sit in the quite solitude of who we are after having had a talk session with our partner, lover and friend, we have resolution. Whether it be insight into where we need to grow, new agreements, new ways of being discovered, the point is that there is resolution. Resolution is liberating.

Liberated in life. Liberated in love. 

Gabrielle Brick

Gabrielle is a Raw Nutritionist, Transformational &  Executive Coach with 20 years of experience in coaching people to their optimal state of well being. After healing her own chronic diseases, depression, and addictive patterns, Gabrielle went on to help many heal from the same and more. Her ability to help people overcome and transform their lives is derived from her ability to lead them down a path of holistic nutrition and radical self love. Gabrielle highly acclaimed programs have changed the lives of many people. Gabrielle's been featured as an expert on National Television with shows on E! TV and WE TV.  She also created two organic, raw, vegan, health food chocolate and superfood lines, sold online and in Whole Foods Markets, and coaches entrepreneurs on how to launch a healthy food and or eco green product into the market place. Find out more about Gabrielle's offerings at:

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How to Manifest in the Flow

Waterfall of Abundance

Getting into the flow of manifestation allows us to achieve more of our goals, with less energy and greater success. 

Flow is the movement of water, energy and life.

Flow states are the psychological experiences of being totally focused and present in the moment as you take action on something. 

When we are in the flow, we are riding the wave of energy, with intention and total awareness. It's much more fun than trying to paddle against the current, and exhausting ourselves while not getting where we desire quickly. 

To manifest our big dreams, and actually transform our ideas into reality, we must learn to be productive, active and pay attention to the tides of energy moving in our bodies, lives and the world - so that we can take the simple daily steps to catch the waves and surf to success! 

Aligning with the natural energy of life allows enhances manifestation, abundance and vitality. 

When we get in the flow we flourish!

Life is all about movement. Our bodies, our minds, nature, plants, the clouds, the sun, moon and stars are all in motion, spiraling through time and space from the micro to the macro, from our DNA to the galaxies. 

Our bodies are the manifestation of our consciousness and soul in this lifetime. It is the most direct, primal and physical way that we can tap into the energy of conscious creation. 

The first step to getting into the flow, is to pay attention to your body and how it feels. 

Small actions can make a big difference in the way we feel, think and proceed with the choices we make in each moment of our days. 

Starting with practical action steps including caring for our body, shifting our posture, boosting our mood, decluttering our space, getting into nature, dressing for the experiences we desire, and taking small movements each day toward our goals, creates the energy of momentum - the force of motion that is within all life desiring further growth.

When we move our bodies and get into the zone, we call that being in the flow. It's what athletes experience when they are practicing their art, totally present, relaxed and aware, and leads to higher creativity, performance and fulfillment. 

There are many ways we can get in the zone, for some people it's through creating art, painting, making pottery, for others it's running, dance or rock-climbing, and sometimes we get in the zone while taking a shower, cleaning up the house or writing in our journal. 

What are the creative outlets your enjoy that inspire you the most? Take time for your expression of energy, for that creates the brain states and physical wellbeing for achievement, insights and higher performance in all of our lives. 

Get the Momentum Mojo

Momentum propels us forth to achieve and magnetizes opportunities to us that we didn't even expect.

As we move forward taking conscious action toward our goals, we create physiological shifts within our mind and body that support us to have the energy and insight to fulfill our dreams. 

When we take action to move in the direction of our vision, even when we don't know how we are going to get from A to B, we send signals to the universe that we are ready and willing to go for it, and the universe responds by bringing to us the support, opportunities and synchronicity to guide us on our way. 

Life loves movement. Getting into the flow of growth and living energy begins with simple movements in our life. 

The more we take these movements it becomes muscle memory - and conscious habits are formed, thus creating new patterns in our beliefs and body that prepare us and form us into the person that we truly want to be. 

Move On & Level Up

In every great story, the hero must embark on an adventure to discover their destiny, to make connections with allies and mentors, to achieve their mission, and to bring back the elixir or wisdom that changes their lives for the better.

Joseph Campbell's epic work describes a mythic archetypal quest that we must go through in order to follow our bliss - it's the Hero's Journey.

We can't just sit around, meditating and praying that our dreams will manifest, we MUST take action on our beliefs to go out and seek what we desire.

When you take action to consciously navigate the journey of life - you WILL manifest the highest good in your life and fulfill your own personal destiny.

Now is the time to step into a higher level of your life's purpose.

Don't just dream about, take the movements in the direction of your calling today.

It doesn't matter if it's a big step or a little step because each movement that you take large or small gets you into the FLOW of momentum, which creates a energetic influence in your life and the world much greater than the physical force itself. 

You create the foundation for your success one step at a time. 

Honor your body and believe in your dreams.

Care for yourself so you will have the energy to support the longevity of your legendary life. 

Are you ready to take the steps to manifest your big goals?

The energy of life is always flowing forward, jump on it and go for it! 

Many blessings, 

Kara Maria Ananda

Kara Maria Ananda is a Healing Arts Educator, Holistic Business Coach, Speaker and Writer and the co-founder of the HeroHive. She is the creator of global online educational programs including the Healing Arts Business Academy, the Women’s Healing Arts Teacher Training and the Awesome Birth Teacher Training. She also offers business coaching for conscious entrepreneurs online and live intensives in Sedona, Arizona. Get her FREE guide to manifestation at:

The Momentum Method

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The Momentum Method

Making Entrepreneurship a Spiritual Path

Bradley T. Morris - Awesome Coach

It’s been over a decade since taking my leap of faith, dropping out of college, starting up my first business and saying yes to my dream of playing Professional Golf and having complete freedom in my life.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, has unfolded how I ever imagined it would have when I first began this wild and crazy journey.

I went from selling offensive t-shirts online to teaching meditation to thousands of people online. I went from pursuing professional golf to taking a six year hiadus to coming back around and breathing life into that dream once again. 

Yes, life certainly has a sense of humor. I don’t believe there is a straight and narrow path when it comes to bringing our visions to life. It’s more of a zig-zaggy mountain labyrinth that feeds on our fears and rewards us for our courage and laughs in our face when we get to serious – mixed with a side of magic, mystery and a whole lot of good times – oh yes, and crying. Lots and lots of crying! haha

In my decade+ of entrepreneurial adventures, I’ve had many chapters of life, as I’m sure you have over the last ten years as well. I went from a young, cocky 20 year old who thought he had the world by the kahunas to having the metaphysical, financial, creative, spiritual, mentally, emotional and any other ‘al’ words beat outta mean again and again and again. Good times had by all!

So how has entrepreneurship become one of my Spiritual paths and practices?

  1. When I don’t own my shit and take 100% responsibility for myself and my success, I fail – and I keep failing until I get it.
  2. It teaches me to listen to the voice of courage over the voice of fear with in me. The voice of courage is the strong silent type, so it’s taught me to really listen.
  3. It has taught me selfless service like nothing else. When I make it about me, I block the flow of creativity, fun and finances. When I make it about being of service to others (truly) it makes me feel connected to a bigger purpose.
  4. It has taught me to trust my intuition, instincts, creative impulses and the Universe or what-have-you. I notice that when I take one step towards my vision, my vision takes one step towards me. Waiting for “The Universe to Deliver” gets me nowhere. It’s a partnership with all of creation to make shit happen.
  5. It has forced me to be self reflective, creative and extremely resourceful – especially when money’s tight and I need to make big things happen — fast!
  6. It is kind of like going to The School of Learning to Create my Reality. Turning ideas or thoughts into action and a real life creation in the physical form. It’s such a cool experience.
  7. It requires me to be focused, discipline, patient and to have integrity so that I follow through on my word until the completion of my goal.
  8. I must be very intentional with my time, energy, resources and the direction I wish to guide my life – otherwise the Weapons of Mass Distraction can throw me off my path.
  9. It has humbled me, broke me down, built me back up and taught me so much about the cycles of birth, death and creation.
  10. It can be a path to personal freedom or a self created hell. The choice is always mine.
  11. I have learned to put everything on the line for something I truly believe in (again and again).
  12. Growing my businesses and service has been a devotional practice that I’ve put my whole heart into.
  13. I have learned to align my lifestyle with my business so that everything I do is in alignment with my dream lifestyle while supporting everything I do in my businesses. This has taught me to know when to say no and when to say yes and when to say, I’m going golfing or for a hike – see yah!
  14.  It has shown me the beauty and complexity of nature. For every idea I have, there are many moving parts, small actions that must be taken, people involved, resources needed, certain unknowns and steps to be taken and when it all works in harmony and flows it is truly a miracle! haha
  15. My life, my time, my success and my failures are my own. What I do with all of it is totally up to me. I am the Master of my dreams and the time I have on Earth. #TrueFreedom

Are you an entrepreneur?

What have been some of the life-changing lessons you’ve learned on your path to creating personal and financial freedom?

I’d love to hear!

Bradley T. Morris

Bradley T. Morris

Bradley T. Morris helps creative, entrepreneurial, freedom-seekers who are on a mission to share their gifts, serve the world and build a meaningful business that aligns with their passions, to get clear, intentional & focused so they can create what they actually want in life. He lives in paradise on a small island with his wife and is actively pursuing his life-long dream of playing professional golf. Brad creates transformational eCourses which have reached people in 27+ countries, produces comedy + music marketing videos and by coaches leaders and world-changers to rock their gifts and (#GSD) Get Shit Done while having fun!  

More about Bradley at

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Stand Strong in Life

If we want a better world, we need to be bullyproof in all areas of our lives.

We need to develop the confidence to stand up for ourselves and when we do we will be more able to stand up for the world around us.

We need to become and raise powerful strong leaders, fearless against the abusive behaviors of others, capable of standing up for ourselves and others.

When we do this, it empowers us to move forward in our lives and support others to do the same, no matter what challenges we face.

The world is full of bullies, we all have to deal with this to some extent, online, at work, in school, in public and even with our family and friends.

It is how people have learned to leverage their power to take advantage of others that are disempowered. A lack of confidence and vulnerablilty makes for an easy target that attracts the attention of those who look to use it to their advantage. 

This is part of the root problem in this world, we are taught to compete for attention, respect and to get ahead. Bullying can be as basic as teasing or as brutal as a full on assault. It takes place whenever someone uses their strength of body, mind or knowledge to take advantage of another. Bullies tear people down in some way to feel special, rather than lift others up.

The bullies of the world challenges us to feel safe in expressing who we are and can diminish our drive to do what we love. It can prevent us from posting our opinions, going to work or school, enjoying family visits, going out in public or even feeling safe in our own home.

The school ground is the most commonly looked at area of this and is a huge problem.

More than 100k students miss school each day in fear of being bullied. 

Bullying leads to less participation and lower success in life.

We all want to feel empowered and worthy and we can only move forward with what we know and have experienced.

Not only do we need time in nature, healthy foods, and exercise, we need experience that empowers us to feel confident in this world.

Education and practices that make this part of our cultural lifestyle is the foundation upon which we must create change to grow and make the world a safer and more empowered place to live.

We need confidence with our words and our abilities.

We need to know what our personal boundaries are and how to claim them.

We must stand up for our rights and truth of what we desire.

This world is full of people that have a lack of respect for others and their personal space, energy and time. These are valuable assets that we need to use in our life, they are not up for grabs.

When we have clearly defined boundaries with the confidence and knowledge to honor them, we are far more likely to put ourselves out there in the world and face the challenges head on and take things to the next level. Standing in our power is a great deterrent to being attacked.

Many people have or will face having their personal space violated in some way.

For those that have experiences this, it is vital to address how this has disempowered us, made us feel unsafe and has closed us off to being as close as we would like to be with others.

For those who will be facing that, wouldn't you like to be able to stand strong with your words and even prevent an unwanted invasion?

The stronger we walk our path, the less likely we will be targeted.

Bullies look for people vulnerable to their attacks, whether verbal, emotional or physical.

I have found a practice that empowers all these areas of life and gives non violent solutions to aggressive behavior.

I have fully dove into the teachings of Rener Gracie and his brother Ryron. Their family created what is most commonly know today as Brazilian Ju Jitsu, but what there doing is unlike what you would find or expect at most martial arts training facilities.

You can learn a practice for bullyproofing, empowerment and transformation in a very focused, playful and inspiring way, and share it with your kids or family members. 

The Gracie Brothers have created an online platform with video instruction that not only teaches you how to defend your self, but also how to use your words, be aware of your environment, be comfortable in uncomfortable situations, be comfortable with being close to others, teach your children with positive transference education and so much more.

You can learn effective techniques for self-defense, women's empowerment and bullyproof training online, in the comfort of your home.

If you could adopt a practice that brings you closer to you children, spouse and friends, plus is fun, playful and gives you confidence in every area of you life, would you want to know about it and try it out? 

You can and it is free to try, go to and to find out more about Gracie Ju Jitsu to bullyproof your life and your kids. 

Stand strong, stand up for yourself and help the world to grow with confidence, knowledge and education. 

Thanks and Blessings! 

Jahsah Ananda

Jahsah Ananda

Jahsah Ananda is a transformational coach, healer, musician, artist and co-founder of the HeroHive. He has 15+ years experience sharing the healing arts, music, sacred art, bodywork, ceremony, and coaching in the US, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Jahsah specializes in supporting people through rites of passage, life transformations, conscious relationships and self empowerment. Jahsah is dedicated to sharing support and tools for the healing and transformation of life on Earth. He offers private sessions in Sedona, Arizona and coaching globally. Find out more at:

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The Power of Peace Within

The Power of Peace Within

You have the power to be a force for peace, healing and transformation in the world today. We each have something that we can do to help make a difference. That begins with finding peace within ourselves, our relationships, and addressing all the areas of need within our society. 

I'm saddened by the tragedy in Paris, as well as those in Kenya, Beirut, Syria, Afghanistan, Palestine, and in our own schools and communities.

I believe it's important to feel the pain, sadness and grief, and then to channel that into action steps in our own lives and community that we can do to make a difference. 

There is much suffering in the world and unless we can help all people to have the necessary resources they need for life, then it will continue.

We also live in one of the most incredible promising times of abundance, innovation and connection than ever before. I believe we can harness these forces to co-create peace, harmony and prosperity and by strengthening the roots of society, that will spread and support the generations to come to live in a future age of global peace and unity

Tragedies on the global stage are times when we realize that we may not be able to change what it happening in the world, but we can each start by doing something to create peace in our lives.

For me that is working on the level of impact of which I have, in my personal relationships, in raising my children, looking at needs within my own community, and doing what I can to motivate and inspire others to take action in the world, in each our own way. 

Violence doesn't just start when someone picks up a gun, or physically hurts someone, it starts when people do nothing to help those in need.

Taking care of the people of this earth, especially all the children, and making sure they have safe births, healthy upbringings, education, food, and literacy are the core of creating a peaceful world. 

If we do nothing about the suffering of others in the world, then more people will grow to be filled with hatred, violence and spread back the abuse they experienced receiving no love from the world. 

Doing something to help others also helps us to feel calmer, more peaceful, more in control, less stress, and increase our love, trust, bonding and happiness.

It helps us to connect and to release the trauma of tragedy.

You can make a difference - in someone's life, in the world, in your community, and the influence ripples throughout the world.

All you need to do is take a small action to help someone and it will help you to feel more confident about being a part of the momentum for peace, healing and transformation

We can all do something and we can work together to promote peace on a global level. 

What else do we have to live for? 

With love, peace and gratitude.

Many blessings, Kara

Kara Maria Ananda

Kara Maria Ananda is a Healing Arts Educator, Holistic Business Coach, Speaker and Writer and the co-founder of the HeroHive. She is the creator of global online educational programs including the Healing Arts Business Academy, the Women’s Healing Arts Teacher Training and the Awesome Birth Teacher Training. She also offers business coaching for conscious entrepreneurs online and live intensives in Sedona, Arizona. Get her FREE guide to manifestation at:

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2 Ways to Get Centered Fast

2 Ways to Get Centered Fast by Jahsah Ananda at

Sometimes the most powerful tools we need for our life to be more empowered and fulfilling, are simple and quick. For me, that is the case most of the time.

Through years of investigation and practice into countless books, modalities, global spiritual ceremonies and ongoing study of personal development, I have experienced a natural process of blending, simplifying, letting go, remembering and distilling from the mass of information the simple timeless practices that can enhance our lives, that anyone can use.

I want to share with you 2 of the most useful tools that have helped me, and many others I have worked with, to integrate powerful experiences on deeper levels. These are not only for the super expansive and transformational experiences, you can use them to flow through transitions during your daily life, as well as for integrating your big journeys or rites of passage. I have used these 2 practices for over 10 years with life changing success.

These mind-body-spirit practices integrate our energy field into our body and connect us with the stabilizing presence of the Earth. Both of these work together really well.  The first will bring an expanded energy field (Aura) back to a nice snug bubble around your body. The second will ground our energy into our body and to the earth.

Together, these make us a powerful force and give us a greater ability to focus and protect our energy.

The Shrink Wrap

2 Ways to Get Centered Fast by Jahsah Ananda at

Simply cross your arms, placing your palms on the opposite shoulders. Breath in and feel your energy pull into a nice bubble around you. As it does it will become more concentrated.

I have found that when I am very open and spread out energetically in groups of people, I get overloaded with thoughts and emotions and find it more challenging to stay centered in myself. Bringing my energy in, helps me stay centered in my own feelings and protect my energy much better. I can also direct my energy with focus and perceive more of what is going on around me in my environment. 

The Sacred Ground

2 Ways to Get Centered Fast by Jahsah Ananda

Again, simply cross your arms and place your palms down on your opposite knees. Breathe in and focus on the soles of your feet. You might feel warmth or a tingle in your feet.

I use this to ground my energy, whether I just had one of those mega downloads that has got me a little spun out or even if I'm a little spacey, if I can remember. I feel it is vital for us to be able to embody as much of the energy we can and this will help you and the earth to receive these blessings.

Both of these incredibly useful tools can be used anytime and only take a few seconds. Of course you could dive deeper into to the power of these postures and meditate with them.

I hope these are helpful to you.

Please leave a comment about any experiences using these tools you'd like to share.

Thanks and Blessings!


Jahsah Ananda is a transformational coach, healer, musician, artist and co-founder of the HeroHive. He has 15+ years experience sharing the healing arts, music, sacred art, bodywork, ceremony, and coaching in the US, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Jahsah specializes in supporting people through rites of passage, life transformations, conscious relationships and self empowerment. Jahsah is dedicated to sharing support and tools for the healing and transformation of life on Earth. He offers private sessions in Sedona, Arizona and coaching globally. Find out more at: 

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The Hundredth Hero: How You Make a Difference

The Hundredth Hero

We're all on our own personal journey through life to discover our soul's purpose, follow our bliss, and manifest our dreams. 

This is the universal story of the Hero's Journey, a story embedded within the creation myths and legends of people around the world through time, illuminating that we each have our own path to discovering our gifts that we are here share with the world.

Though we each have our own trail to travel, when we collectively bring our minds and hearts together, we can support each other to accomplish more personally and collectively. 

When you step into your hero's journey and find your passion, you inspire others to seek out their calling as well. 

The more we gather together to share stories, encouragement, adventure skills, and maps for the journey of life, the greater all of our chances are of accomplishing our goals, for together we create a mysterious force of energy that can influence the whole world. 

One upon a time there was an isle of monkeys...

In the 1950's a group of scientists were researching a colony of monkeys on an island off of Japan. The monkeys loved gathering sweet potatoes and eating them, but the potatoes were all covered in dirt and sand. 

One day a clever monkey (we'll call him George) accidentally made a new discovery by dropping his sweet potato into the water. He discovered when he got it out that it had washed it clean and it was much better tasting. 

This was gourmet monkey food! George was so excited he started to share with all his monkey friends how to wash their potatoes. 

They first thought he was nuts and tried to ignore him.

Then one other curious monkey decided to try this potato dunking idea, and was quite pleased with the results. 

Soon, other monkeys started to watch what was going on. Slowly one by one, more monkeys started washing the dirt off their sweet potatoes in the water, and the idea started to spread. 

Eventually, all the monkeys were happily washing and enjoying their sweet potatoes on the island, and the consciousness of the monkey's newfound skills reached a critical peak, in which the ideas spread through a master force beyond the island. 

Across the ocean the winds of thought spread the idea through the growing field of the collective wisdom, and the idea was ignited in the mind of a monkey on a neighboring isle, yet far away through the turbulent ocean waters. 

There far away on the another island, a monkey (we'll call him Gilligan), got a brilliant idea to wash off his dirty sweet potato in the water. With glee he enjoyed his dirt and rock free meal, and shared the idea where it spread across the island to become known monkey skills. 

Thus came about the concept of the Hundredth Monkey effect, in which a certain amount of monkeys learn a new skill, then it is postulated that the idea can spread through the morphic resonance of life, becoming a part of the natural wisdom held by a tribe or group, spreading beyond the realm of our day to day interactions to be absorbed by the whole collective consciousness. 

So we too, can influence life beyond the ways that we are aware, creating changes within the field of knowledge and life, and the more we come together to share, the greater the force of nature is able to adapt and shift to align with the new paradigm. 

We've seen this in the world in which separate groups of scientific researchers on different parts of the planet have simultaneously come up with similar ideas at the same time, without knowing of each other's work. 

This is the power of the 100th Hero.

You may not know why you are called on your journey of the heart and soul, but as you discover your way, you create ripples of change within the world, igniting others to pursue their destiny as well. 

The Power to Shift the Collective Consciousness

If we want to create real change in the world, we need to come together to support each other and share our ideas.

Alone, we have a good chance of finding our way and living happily enough.

However, together we become a force of nature able to create real transformation in the world today for healing, prosperity, sustainability and peace. 

You don't have to be a lone wolf, we've got your back, and we are cheering each other on as we travel our journeys and discover what we can each contribute to the shift of the ages. 

Follow your dreams and find your way and your community!

You have a destiny to fulfill, a reason you are alive today at this powerful time on the planet, to discover your gifts and make a difference in the world. 

You also have a community of souls who support you and believe in you.

You may know some of them in real life, or are still searching for your tribe.

Know that your soul family is out there and ready to meet and support you on your path

We have big work to do! Let's get to it. 

Believe in your dreams and go for it. 

Reach out for the support you need to accomplish your goals, sometimes all it takes is asking. 

The party is just getting started...

Many blessings, 
Kara Maria Ananda

Kara Maria Ananda

Kara Maria Ananda is a Healing Arts Educator, Holistic Business Coach, Speaker and Writer and the co-founder of the HeroHive. She is the creator of global online educational programs including the Healing Arts Business Academy, the Women’s Healing Arts Teacher Training and the Awesome Birth Teacher Training. She also offers business coaching for conscious entrepreneurs online and live intensives in Sedona, Arizona. Get her FREE guide to manifestation at:

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