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Jahsah & Kara Ananda

HeroHive Co-Founders

Jahsah Ananda

Jahsah Ananda is a coach, healer, musician, artist and craftsman with 15+ years experience sharing sound healing, sacred art, transformational healing, bodywork, ceremony, and mentoring throughout the US, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. 

Jahsah specializes in vibrational sound healing with the Celtic harp, Native American flute, didgeridoo, crystal singing bowls, drums, gongs, guitar, percussion instruments, and more. He has performed his sound healing music at events, concerts, and retreats worldwide.

A multi-media artist and craftsman, Jahsah is inspired by the natural world, sacred geometry, mythic symbology and human potential. Jahsah specializes in custom digital art and video media projects, as well as sacred crafting, landscape design and vibrational healing tools.

With a full spectrum of healing arts experience, Jahsah's study and certifications include massage therapy, vibrational healing, transformational life coaching, ortho-bionomy, aromatherapy, crystal healing, T'ai Chi, Reiki, and ceremonial facilitation.  

Jahsah's work is also inspired by his studies in pre- and perinatal psychology, Native American healing traditions, shamanic healing traditions, and nature awareness skills.

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Kara Maria Ananda

Kara Maria Ananda is an inspirational coach, speaker, writer and teacher empowering optimal health, business, relationships and life. She has over 17 years experience as a wellness entrepreneur in massage, craniosacral, women’s health, birth, education and coaching.

Kara is the creator of many global holistic online educational programs including the Healing Arts Business Academy, the Women’s Healing Arts Teacher Training and the Awesome Birth Teacher Training.

She's the author of the book "How to Have an Awesome Birth" and the popular article "Viva la Boobies!". Her writing is published in numerous websites and magazines worldwide.

Kara is a featured speaker and teacher at events, conferences, retreats and summits in the US, internationally and online, including Bali Spirit Festival, the Association for Pre-and Perinatal Health and Psychology International Congress, Midwifery Today, Hoop Convergence, and more. 

Kara offers conscious business coaching for holistic entrepreneurs, health professionals and visionary leaders globally, as well as online courses and trainings. 

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Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

Eden Hot Springs, Arizona

Eden Hot Springs, Arizona

Mount Shasta, California

Mount Shasta, California

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